My words have failed me

And so has everyone else

If there was a bullet

I could shoot

I would shoot it with my teeth

Everything is falling apart

As it always does

And I’m here to chew on your ashes

Like sweet betel-leaf

“Spit out the purple residue!”


Our gums have long expired

They’re longing for Vitamin C


          Fructose spilled on your car

          Calcium deposits remain

And the smoke chars your pinched breast

          They open and close like eyes

                   I’ve never had a taste of those protruding nipples

That stab me in the throat

As we become one

And you give me sustenance


Suckling sound!

I know it calms you down more than Sativa

Bless me with your chemicals, and I’ll  bless you with mine!


© A.R. Minhas 2017




  1. Tapasi

    You’ve got such a serious talent. I really eager to know how did you end up with such fabulous writing? You’ve done such a great work with the parts of human body and the lust you described is amazing.
    But I wonder why you added the tag “anxiety”

    1. A.R. Minhas

      Wow! Thank you so much, Tapasi, that was very kind of you and you really made my day. I did take a class in creative writing but really it’s been reading the likes of Rimbaud, Baudelaire, and Bukowski, that have really inspired me to write. I think the secret is to read as much as you possibly can and that has really helped me. I think my art is sort of looking at lust like spirituality– instead of a sin, it can be used to gain enlightenment. I guess I’ve just been anxious because I didn’t post anything for a week and I’m going through a bit of a writer’s block. Thank you so much for commenting btw– it means a lot! 🙂

      1. Tapasi

        Yeah, the lust was indeed in a spiritual manner. And if you’re anxious cause you couldn’t post anything for a week….this anxiety can make you an awesome writer. I think I’d check out the writings you mentioned here….thanks heaps😊

      2. A.R. Minhas

        That’s what I want to do– be the best I can be. If you’re going to check anyone out please read, Arthur Rimbaud, he’s pure genius. I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you! 🙂

  2. gary j

    Dear A.R. Minhas. Your outstanding words and art are the past present and future. I so love your humility, (the key)
    peace and love to you and yours….

    1. A.R. Minhas

      Thank you Gary I don’t know what to say to that; I’m truly honored by your complement. It’s not hard to be humble because I haven’t accomplished anything yet, in terms of my writing, but hopefully I can always stay grounded. Peace and blessings to yours as well! 🙂

      1. gary j

        Every time you write, you create something that did not exist before. In your case they are gifts to the world to read, this I think is because you have something special within and the ability to articulate with your individuality shining through, your interest in the surrealists (and whoever else) shows your eclectic attitude. Please forgive me if this seems “gushy” or too much, but I read 3-5 books a week for 40 years and I know what I like. Also, I am known as an artist..(poor, not famous and full of shit) and I really like the art you do as well. I think you have interesting future should you so desire.

      2. A.R. Minhas

        I don’t even know how to respond to that. Wow! Thank you for that message. I’ve really been pondering over how much I can accomplish with writing. Your message was timely, and I’m so happy that my words can make such an impact. Thank you once again, Gary, I’ll do my best to make it happen. 🙂

      3. gary j

        that is all any of us can do. Please to reflect on the journey, for time (and the times) change our perceptions. Then we are a river, changing the world in our pursuit of equilibrium. Thankyou for your kind words.

    1. A.R. Minhas

      I can’t believe the response, thank you so much for that compliment. I’ve always felt that writing should be simple and, honestly, my poetry is me screaming a little. Thank you for listening to it and I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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