I Don’t Send My Heart On Adventures Anymore

I lie on a bed made of ash

          My body rests precariously


          Cigarette butts

                             Nicotine gently sways

                           Into ether

                                               I’m immune to your charms

And claims of love

Please sell insurance somewhere else

Premiums are high and I’m unworthy to get your coverage.

          Breasts like deployed airbags

                          Sometimes accidents are a good thing


If it’s Cherry red then I’m sold

But not too far

                   The elevator opens on the far end

                             And my erection will hold the door open for you


And I’m pressing the button down

Don’t you dare sneak in

I’m told my cologne is poisonous


I’ll reach you before you can

But this is not the time

Or the spatial reality to consider such matters

I’m not looking for adventure

And my heart is weak

                   It wants its own company

                   It deserves its own company


And Unlimited liability


My heart has grown tired of adventure

                   It just wants to watch TV

                   Eat unhealthy                        And derive pleasure from pixelated

                                                                Barbie dolls


And abnormal quantities of

Jack and coke.

I don’t mind being sick as long as my heart isn’t affected.

          This is the love

I exude out

And my lips have forgotten how to interpret your name.


© A.R. Minhas 2017



      1. tmezpoetry

        Oh AR, I say without hesitation that you are in the top fav of mine. I have a hard time keeping with wordpress sometimes when I’m just using it to process stuff. But don’t you dare ever quit 🙂 Your work affects, burrows in the mind, dances artistic quality across the page. No matter how oft I’m in and out, daft in catching up…will always come back to your page. Hugs~

  1. gregoria green

    “And my heart is weak/It wants its own company/It deserves its own company” – what genuine heartbreak sounds and feels like…

    So much of your poetry tickles my senses, but I haven’t figured out yet why exactly… Or what it is that makes it stand apart. It must have something to do with being honest and raw.

    PS: I hope your heart is safe too 🙂

    1. A.R. Minhas

      Thank you, Gregoria. I think it’s all the heart ache that makes you write better. And poetry is just a really good medium to scream a bit and I’m allowed to be my authentic self.

      PS: My heart is safe, it’s self-isolating 😉

  2. gregoria green

    Thank you for allowing yourself to scream a bit every once in a while and then share your emotional turmoil in the shape of a poem – it’s beautiful.

    If it weren’t for art, heartache would probably break us entirely.

    Haha, good to know your heart is also in quarantine.

    “I don’t mind being sick as long as my heart isn’t affected.”… Amazing how this was published in 2017.

    1. A.R. Minhas

      Yeah, it’s unhealthy to bottle things up– art should be like therapy. However, it’s even better when it helps other people. I really appreciate that you find something in my work, it means a lot to me. 🙂

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