Hi! My name is A.R. Minhas, and this is my website.  This site is dedicated to my art, Short Stories, Poetry, Novels, Podcasts, and Essays. If you’ve not noticed from my artwork, I enjoy weird themes and surreal imagery.

I’ve been writing for several years now, and I  decided to set up my own website after I was tired of all those rejection letters. My website allows me more control of my content and a deeper connection to my audience. In addition to that, I have more creative interests other than writing which I wanted to showcase.

I hope you enjoy the content and I promise that this website is going to be unique, surreal and informative. Anyway, please like, follow and share and I’m also available on all other relevant social medias. I also sell my artwork online, where you can support me by buying various items that have my art on it.  I would also appreciate any feedback. Cheers!






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