There Is A Way To Go Deeper

I wish I could go deeper

Deeper into the darkness

So deep that when it’s black

I’m blinded by the speckles of Red




Like when the sunlight hits your eyes,

And you’re deep in thought

Among nature

Our Natural oppressor


The one who compels the mosquitoes to spread their blood thinner


Chemicals are designed to control you

If you can’t pronounce it

You better not swallow it, or smoke it

Or be infected by it

I ask that you hold your heart accountable

Because eventually, everyone betrays

Your blood has to be thin

And a heart has to be glass


Kindness not returned but refracted

Distorted to those who you truly care about

And to those traitors who deserve a second chance


Go deeper than that

And fuck her the way she’s supposed to be fucked

Don’t be selfish

Don’t be unkind

This isn’t about you


Go deeper than that


© A.R. Minhas 2017

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