If you’re going to kill me, do it gently with a lot of pain

I have a new formation in my mouth

            It spouts lies and carbon dioxide

If there was anywhere, I could be

            I would be somewhere else

“Blackness of the night is the perfect cover for a lonely soul.”

            I exhale the smoke to paint the world in the red of mercury movies.


I know the pink blossoms from your upturned lips

            If there was a way, I could enucleate your third eye…

I would, without the proper soma

            The tongue summons forth the goddess of Serotonin

            Blue-ringed skin, stubbed of afternoon love-making.


If I could love again, I would bless you with my famed paper laurel.

Drawing you naked with charcoal finger touch.

            I’ve tasted an ashtray, but nothing like this

                        A plantation of teeth-marks

                        A garden of pussy licks

                        Areolas entangled like barbed wire. Breasts encircled.


Inner thighs like cushions of static

            Head is dawn, Pubic hair is darkness

I pull you by that and leave my name with a serrated knife.

And you squeal like a sacrificial lamb.

            Blood gets everywhere, even in my mouth.

Gums are weak, but your teeth threaten castration.


I can’t keep my alcohol, and I can’t keep you.

            If there were a way I could love you I would

But I would much rather be here than somewhere else.


© A.R. Minhas 2017


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