The Three Poisons of My Soul

If three arrows struck the same point of my palm,

          My inner life pours through me

“I’ve given you so much, and all I want to do is collapse in your arms.”

          There is beauty in remembering

          Just like it’s ok to let go

Off that ledge and into hedonism

          If you scratched me three times. I wouldn’t wash my skin.

This blood is like Dasani, it’s salty and meant for you.

With cupped hands, and a Jasmine to chew on

I’m here for you just so you know how beautiful you look.

Your small chin digs into my shoulder,

A nest for lies

And that gilded coke—

Can you want it?

Two summers ago this was our place.

A while back I wanted to know so much about you.

I know too much now.

Knowledge is the blueness of your mouth and my obliviousness.

I smoke with abandonment issues.

I smoke because of trust issues.


          There is a pain I feel every time I think that the best part of my day is that cigarette.

Do you feel that?

It’s the appetite suppressant of that fortnight


Where I used my past mistakes to make fun of you. Can you let them know indiscretions are ok?


Just don’t become a thing.

          If you won’t mind there is a night that I’ve to get to.


Where there is no sleep. Only silence and the cricket chirp of regret.


© A.R. Minhas 2017

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