It’s Ok To Be Lonely, Sometimes

“It’s ok if they don’t get your joke.”

            “None of them do…”

            “And humor is such a subjective thing.”

                            “You just have to try a little harder…”

“Maybe, a little more to the right.”

“If you stick the landing then they’ll respect you…”

“Oh! When are you getting published?”

            “You just don’t drink that much.”


“Please, please another pint… that’s all I have left.”

“Is the weekend over yet because this egg won’t crack itself,”

            “If there is a movie to masturbate too can we please watch something surreal?”

“If your breasts like mountains bow I would be able to see again!”

“I can paint the world with your freshly stippled legs.”


“That pure waterfall is my release, and the cliff is your face changing shape.”


“Our evergreens and my heart are rooted in you.”


“If there a distance between a star, let me immolate between your thighs.”


 “I have lied to you inside a convenience store.” “And I know of the other entity that

                                                                  resides below you.”


“If there is flesh, let me have a light…”

“And smoke is blessed and falls on all of us with carcinogenic precision.”

“It’s ok, loneliness comes in small bouts.”

                                                          “It will kill you in small amounts.”


“And maybe one day you won’t be so disappointed that you ended up this way.”


© A.R. Minhas 2017


  1. gregoria green

    “And smoke is blessed and falls on all of us with carcinogenic precision.” Oh, wow. The smooth way you go from cancer to loneliness… I think they say depression is like emotional cancer, right?

    Also, the first three lines remind me a lot of the movie “Joker”.

    1. A.R. Minhas

      That’s an interesting interpretation. I think loneliness is something we all have to deal with at a certain point, and it can impact our mental well-being and health.

      Anyway, thank you for commenting, Gregoria. It’s comments like yours that make me feel I’m doing something right, and they mean a lot to me. Thank you once again.

      1. gregoria green

        Awww, I really connected with the pieces I read so far and can’t wait to read some more. There’s definitely something there so thank you for sharing them.

        It’s true, I don’t think there’s one single person on this planet who doesn’t know how loneliness feels like. But perhaps some of us go through what I’d call chronic loneliness… Or perhaps at some point, it just becomes a lifestyle. Like smokers, there are loners.

      2. A.R. Minhas

        The reason I write is because it allows me to communicate with others. It proves that we’re not truly alone if we can share our experiences together. 🙂

      3. gregoria green

        It’s one of the best reasons for writing so keep doing it! You’re right, we are not separate nor alone, especially with that goes on lately… We’ve always been in this together, whatever this may be

      4. gregoria green

        Unrelated, but I’ve seen from your retweets on the right side of your blog that you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter. How devastating is it that his campaign ended? I was heartbroken when I found out and I’m not even from US…

      5. A.R. Minhas

        Yeah, I’m not from the US either but I was supporting Bernie because he was the best hope for our planet. His policies would’ve genuinely made the planet a better place. The only reason he lost was because the media unfairly characterized him as a ‘radical’, even though here in Canada he’s probably close to a centre-left candidate. Anyway, I was very upset when he conceded the nomination but the struggle continues and hopefully we can have more progressive candidates in the future. Also, just out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on Joe Biden and do you think people should vote for him?
        Oh and if you could, can you follow me on twitter @arminhas? I’m looking to get more active there too.

  2. gregoria green

    He was the only hope indeed, so sad… I’ve never seen anyone in politics with so much integrity, commitment and vision. He really had what it takes to implement radical change – which is what we all need. But I guess people in US or the media do have a problem with the word “radical” or “socialist”. It’s true that he achieved a lot with this campaign and the conversation remains open. I was also a supporter of Andrew Yang and his policies (UBI, in particular), but I realized later he really stood no chance of winning the nomination.

    My reaction when I found out Bernie ended his campaign was “now they’re left with a clown and a looney”. So that’s my thought on Joe Biden. Right now, he’s just the lesser of two evils.

    Already followed 🙂 And it’s cool that you’re from Canada. I’m from Romania (regrettably so, haha).

    1. A.R. Minhas

      I couldn’t agree with you more. It just sucks that we’ve been getting the same politicians who don’t believe in anything, it was refreshing to see a politician who gave a shit about the common people.

      I like the idea of UBI; hopefully we can see more progressive policies implemented and someday we can have less income disparity.

      Yeah, you’re spot-on, Biden can’t even finish a sentence without fumbling. People should probably vote for him. But I won’t actively advocate for him.

      That’s awesome. I would love to visit, Romania. Well, eventually, once we’re allowed to travel. Anyway, how are things over there? And I hope you are staying safe. 🙂

  3. gregoria green

    Yeah, if only there was a way for people to come together and actually implement change by electing those who will genuinely represent them – why does this sound almost utopic when it should have been the status-quo? Have we really not learned to look past the bullshit and the media and see how distorted everything is these days?

    Yes, people should definitely vote for Biden instead of “the other guy”, but it’s a disgrace that it has come to this – same old politics you’d think people are fed up with.

    Aww, you’re welcome here anytime (well, except for *this* time). We have beautiful landscapes, lots of things to see. But that’s about all that’s beautiful in this country, sadly.

    We are still quarantined, trying to contain the virus as much as possible. I’m safe, yes, thank you, and no longer feeling like I’m in the latest SF movie; must have gotten used to all this. How about you? I hope you’re safe as well, diving into your artwork every day 🙂

    1. A.R. Minhas

      I know right? All this talk about democracy and it’s all just BS. Unfortunately, the media is in on it because they are corporations at the end of the day and they manufacture consent on politicians that will help their bottom-line. It’s probably what happened with Biden.

      Yup, it’s 2016 all over again. At Least, I don’t have to pay attention to it anymore, I guess. Hopefully, things get to better but you’re right I think we’ve all adapted to this new reality. But tbh with you; I’ve always been an introvert so I have a lot of practice lol.

      I’m doing okay, I’m working from home. I haven’t made any artwork recently but yeah I want to work on something. I haven’t had any inspiration lately. How about you, how are you spending your time?

      1. gregoria green

        The US haven’t been a democracy for quite some time now. You’re right, it is corporations that rule these days, most people know now (or, at least, I hope they do), that politicians are puppets. I think it was Marilyn Manson who tied money to fascism when he made the dollar sign into a Nazi symbol in one of his videos, from what I recall. So that’s what it all comes down to, elections included.

        I’m done with US politics as well – it was Bernie who had sparked my interest again, but now there’s absolutely no reason to pay attention, especially if you care about your mental health.

        I kinda figured you were an introvert. That makes two of us 😀

        I’m sure you’ll feel inspired one of these days and create something beautiful.

        Today, for the first time ever, I baked something – peanut butter and chocolate cookies. It was fun but it was an epic fail as well, haha. I also try to practice my singing as often as I can these days.

      2. A.R. Minhas

        Ha-ha I loved you brought up Marilyn Manson. He’s one of my favorite artist of all time and a big influence on me. I’ve seen him twice. He wasn’t that good the second time because he was on drugs as he had broken his leg.

        You and me both, I’m kind of curious in terms of the shit-show the debates will be but I’ll try to avoid them.

        Do you think us being introverts makes it easier for us to be in quarantine? I’ve actually been quite productive. I’ve read more, written more and currently editing my second draft on my novel. And I made Orange Chicken but I messed up the sauce lol.

  4. gregoria green

    So The Smiths AND Marilyn Manson? Wow, what were the odds? I realize now that was a very random comment, but I’m glad I brought him up. Ah, and you’ve seen him live twice! I never got the chance to. And yes, he’s one of my favorite artists as well, I’ve even read his autobiography which is really good. I recommend it if you haven’t read it. And I was “manniqueen of depression” for a while, haha (particularly when I was listening to “Mechanical Animals <3 ). He really inspired me in more than one way.

    And shit-show it will be – part of me wants to take out the popcorn and enjoy it, but I'm afraid I might end up sobbing (although I don't care that much anymore).

    Yes, I think it's a lot easier for us. We thrive under these conditions apparently. Good luck with your novel editing! When do you plan to publish it?

    Haha, I'm glad you messed up in the kitchen as well – we're even. Better luck next time! 😉

    1. A.R. Minhas

      Yeah, I’ve read the book. He’s lead a very fucked up life especially the stuff about his granddad. Also, the way they made Antichrist superstar was crazy. He inspires me to be weird and own it– which I don’t think many people do these days. Yeah, I’ve been listening to him since Highschool and he’s helped me with stuff too. ‘Antichrist Superstar’ was my first album so it has a special place in my heart, but ‘Mechanical Animals’ is a close second. I’m curious if you heard any of his new stuff? ‘Heaven Upside Down’ was pretty good too.

      American politics are theatre anyway so you should get popcorn; although, I prefer nachos.😛

      I want to publish it in the summer– I’m thinking of delaying it because I don’t think people will be able to buy due to the current situation. At the same time, I’ve been working on it for the last 4 years so I just want it out in the world.

      Yeah, but that’s not going to discourage me, I want to get better at cooking. 🙂

      1. gregoria green

        Yes, there are some creepy bits in the book, but I enjoyed it. He’s a good writer as well (although he had a ghostwriter for it). And have you seen his paintings? So much talent.

        You’re right – it’s rare to find someone being their weird genuine self and own their individuality. It takes a lot of courage. I’m glad MM helped you through all that. I really miss listening to Mechanical Animals, “The Last Day on Earth” must be one of the greatest songs ever written – “I know its the last day on earth/We’ll be together while the planet dies…” Sounds like quarantine music.

        I haven’t really heard the more recent stuff, but I want to. Thanks for telling me about it. From his latest work, “The Pale Emperor” stuck with me, it’s so good!

        Yeah, now it’s probably not a good time for publishing novels, unless it’s post-apocalyptic or about contamination, haha. I’m sure having worked on it for years will pay off once it’s out. I would love to read it 🙂

        Aww, good for you because I’m not baking anything ever again, haha.

      2. A.R. Minhas

        I’ve seen some of his stuff. I’m not surprised– he’s so multi-talented. Yeah, I love all his songs, but it’s ‘The Fight Song’ that gets me hyped everytime.

        Highly recommend Heaven Upside down. If you do, check out the song ‘Blood Honey’ it’s so different but it’s so good.

        Yeah, I hope you like it, I have posted a couple of chapters if you like to check them out.

        And don’t quit on baking, we need more cookies in the world lol. 🙂

      3. gregoria green

        Yup, most of his songs are very intense. I will check “Heaven Upside Down”, you made me curious.

        The novel sounds promising, judging by the title. I look forward to reading from the chapters you posted.

        Aww, we do, just not burnt cookies, haha. Thank you, I might just give it another try then 🙂

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