Kill me, Beloved!

I have ruined the self

It was to you I owed that debt

& it was to you that I held onto


“Kill me, Beloved!”

My self doesn’t trust you


It has been lost



In the blue overtures of night crawlers

Reminding you of their eternal blindness


The self                       finds itself a starry night to behold

& smoke dangling on its own

Freckled with                                                                spidery legs



The    Ether                             a   container   of   forgotten      scents

&         the self       can’t stare at you long enough



It grows tired

& it bends


I have ruined the self

& I can’t trust it anymore



“Kill me, Beloved!”



Maybe my Yellowed bones

Gave it away


The kiss I drew on you that night

& displayed for fortuities sake


The love that was borrowed

The love that was taken by no one

& it is no ones…


It is for Myself

& only to Myself


& it is not owed to

Nor does is it belong to


So kill me

If you’d like it back


© A.R. Minhas 2016


      1. A.R. Minhas

        It feels so good to know that I can instill and convey to others what I’m feeling right now– that is why I love to write. Thank you much for commenting, you really made my day. 😃

  1. writingnatural

    I love this piece. I can relate to it so well. I just must say about all the spaces if you don’t want such a large gap when typing go to the html portion and then once done go back to the original view (before posting) this will make the gaps not as large

      1. Emily

        I thought that’s what happened, and u couldn’t alert you because my comments to you wouldn’t show up. So I had to wait for you to comment on mine. So, thank you! 😀

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