Thank you once again!

      Sorry, it took me this long to acknowledge this, but we’ve reached another milestone: 300 followers and counting! (Yes!) Anyway, I can’t even begin to tell you all how happy I am with the growth of this blog. When I first started, I wondered how long it would take me to get the support I needed; and now, here we are, 300 followers strong!

        I want to thank each and every one of you for liking, following and commenting on my posts. You’ve all given me the encouragement to continue, and I can’t express how thankful I am to each and every one of you.

          Moving forward, I want to continue providing you all with unique content, interesting short stories and engaging poetry. I want to be different from everyone else and stand out without hurting the quality and integrity of my work. I also recognize that there is some great content out there, and I’ll try everything in my power to promote others too.

         Speaking of promotions, I’m also considering writing a Short-story/ Poetry collection, and I would like to hear your thoughts on it. I’m definitely in the early phases, but I would like to be able to give you all something tangible. I’d like to end this post by saying thank you once again for your continued support, and you all mean the world to me. Please also follow me on other social media as well, links below. Thanks.







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