Goddess Sativa

She told me, and I didn’t believe her

“Use teeth next time”

Just to hurt more.

A heart doesn’t want to be sober

Like a trail of swollen lights

Blaspheming moths


Masturbating to their own destruction.

You hear the ventilation buzzing

A stutter of cicadas

Stroking to their vibrations

And I cum a purple substance

Goddess Sativa floating in my throat.

The stickiness of thought,

And a centipede spirals into my ear.

It whispers–

“I have stories about the crawl space in your mind that you don’t want to talk about.”

And then I laugh.

I laugh because it doesn’t mean anything.

And I should’ve believed her.

I don’t want to be sober.

I only want to worship you.

(c) A.R. Minhas 2019


And it gets Weirder


Don’t you think it’s weird?

That the color is red

And its redness depends on how you see it?


Weirdness                              Compounds

(Entropy of life)



I have found that facts don’t surprise me anymore

I believe that anything is possible

And no one is genuinely concerned about anything



Your pretend outrage


When I held your hand



Like a defanged snake

The thighs were another matter


And the kiss between them

“Made you blue didn’t I?”


I felt your petals soft as melting ice cream

“It’s the thirst after, that gets in the way.”


The bite pressure has to be just right

A mold for a dangerous mouth

Belching fire and blood


Gums giving up because of a recession

The longing for unrequited Vitamin C


“I can make my fingers dance.”

Inverting them in the right places.


So you see them in the mirror

And it gets weirder

I do a very good impression of me.


Scratch marks and all

Eyes in the opposite direction

            I’m still

It’s getting weirder

                                                                     And I can still surprise myself.


It gets weirder


and I feel myself changing


And I’m still motionless


Ear Cartilages drooping on foreshortened peaks of wisdom

Ballooning Belly Button

And an ironic short temper


It’s a strange day


Just to be alive

Like always.





© A.R. Minhas 2016

I used to sing love songs

I used to sing love songs


And now there is no urgency anymore

I’m fine without it

Like a second cigarette


There is no need for it anymore


I used to write poems of love

But now death is more comfortable

Its silence making it easier to breathe


I have no intention of giving you that

I have no intention of being sentimental anymore


I used to blame the world

And then you


But I have no need for that anymore

I would like forgiveness for my naiveté

My childlike passion


I have no right to sing love songs

And neither do you from hearing them out loud



I used to sing love songs

And now whatever is left will be



© A.R. Minhas 2016

Kill me, Beloved!

I have ruined the self

It was to you I owed that debt

& it was to you that I held onto


“Kill me, Beloved!”

My self doesn’t trust you


It has been lost



In the blue overtures of night crawlers

Reminding you of their eternal blindness


The self                       finds itself a starry night to behold

& smoke dangling on its own

Freckled with                                                                spidery legs



The    Ether                             a   container   of   forgotten      scents

&         the self       can’t stare at you long enough



It grows tired

& it bends


I have ruined the self

& I can’t trust it anymore



“Kill me, Beloved!”



Maybe my Yellowed bones

Gave it away


The kiss I drew on you that night

& displayed for fortuities sake


The love that was borrowed

The love that was taken by no one

& it is no ones…


It is for Myself

& only to Myself


& it is not owed to

Nor does is it belong to


So kill me

If you’d like it back


© A.R. Minhas 2016


  By: A.R. Minhas

There is something…                  Lost

And Our Earth

Within Us Within You               Our Body Your Body

Kaash-ma-kaash!                                                                 My Body…

And in you And in me                                       Feels a glare

And me in you in me                                         Departing

There’s a light!

And you are                                          A vein…

Waves                                                                           Unsustainable

The warmth of the wombs                                                        And all of them

Eyes narrow                  Jail Cells                                                                        Cruel & Unconcerned

Flickering     Embryos                                   Sway

Morsels of reflections


You give me


But ours

Is an Incandescent Light                                    Future Selves

Burning & Burning & Burning

And I’m afraid to part with you…

© A.R. Minhas 2015