Paper Trails

There was a trail of death

I left behind…                                                                Enchanted by you

          Strung along those ashes,

                                On briny strings

                    Bludgeon this meat

                                                                                                 “A Drink, my love made.”

                              Squeezed out through pulpy liver,

Bathed our heavy heart

Drip this pure melancholy

          The sulfur on your lips

                                         Is mine to behold

And I spread it on your feet

My toxins, your deformities


Beloved! There isn’t a verse

Without your name on it

Beloved! There isn’t a yellow stain

That isn’t shaped like you



The fog succumbed

Your hips have descended

This Earth is too monotonous

                                                       For you, for me

                                         I’m leaving

                                         These dead planets


else where

         Will you come?

            With me




                Where we don’t linger into each other?


© A.R. Minhas 2016

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