Fire Above, Water Below (Poetry)

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Your naked body

Against mine

Roof charred,

I can see your frames

Calcium deposits in your ears.

Unsteady legs,


“Our world collapses on ourselves.”

Did you dream of a tower?

Fire above

Explosion of lint

Torrents of water chew the wood

I present the creeping mold

“And what about my plants that I had kept for Feng Shui?”

They have succumbed to smoke inhalation.

The old you is dead.

A fetus was found in the flood.

It comes to term

The world is anew

And the summer child can’t stop laughing.

(C) A.R. Minhas


Goddess Sativa

She told me, and I didn’t believe her

“Use teeth next time”

Just to hurt more.

A heart doesn’t want to be sober

Like a trail of swollen lights

Blaspheming moths


Masturbating to their own destruction.

You hear the ventilation buzzing

A stutter of cicadas

Stroking to their vibrations

And I cum a purple substance

Goddess Sativa floating in my throat.

The stickiness of thought,

And a centipede spirals into my ear.

It whispers–

“I have stories about the crawl space in your mind that you don’t want to talk about.”

And then I laugh.

I laugh because it doesn’t mean anything.

And I should’ve believed her.

I don’t want to be sober.

I only want to worship you.

(c) A.R. Minhas 2019

Winter Breath

I feel every part of my body                          Diffusible…

And yet I Whisper

Because I don’t know how to scream

& I feel the Earth recoil              from me


As my     encrypted soul traverses, these silicon grids   Spreading Mischief

Waving its Untethered genitals           Into the Faces

Of Pixels

I                       Whisper                        To        Spread              Doubt              In                     Everything….

& Everything    Lost                             Its Meaning



In Obsidian …                                                  Our own         Immortal Cry



Warmth of…                                        Unrequited Erections     &     Inexplicable Echoes

Pneumatic tubes

Writhing                  Rebirth

In Its Pangs of

Nicotine studded teeth                                                   Does it matter now that the Freon gas has fled?

Embellished Carbonic Acid

Unhinge a smile                                                                        Winter has blessed us with

Iced Quivering

& Moth Carousels

Use our bones

Whisper from them,

Shiver like Ghosts.


© A.R. Minhas 2016

Paper Trails

There was a trail of death

I left behind…                                                                Enchanted by you

          Strung along those ashes,

                                On briny strings

                    Bludgeon this meat

                                                                                                 “A Drink, my love made.”

                              Squeezed out through pulpy liver,

Bathed our heavy heart

Drip this pure melancholy

          The sulfur on your lips

                                         Is mine to behold

And I spread it on your feet

My toxins, your deformities


Beloved! There isn’t a verse

Without your name on it

Beloved! There isn’t a yellow stain

That isn’t shaped like you



The fog succumbed

Your hips have descended

This Earth is too monotonous

                                                       For you, for me

                                         I’m leaving

                                         These dead planets


else where

         Will you come?

            With me




                Where we don’t linger into each other?


© A.R. Minhas 2016


  By: A.R. Minhas

There is something…                  Lost

And Our Earth

Within Us Within You               Our Body Your Body

Kaash-ma-kaash!                                                                 My Body…

And in you And in me                                       Feels a glare

And me in you in me                                         Departing

There’s a light!

And you are                                          A vein…

Waves                                                                           Unsustainable

The warmth of the wombs                                                        And all of them

Eyes narrow                  Jail Cells                                                                        Cruel & Unconcerned

Flickering     Embryos                                   Sway

Morsels of reflections


You give me


But ours

Is an Incandescent Light                                    Future Selves

Burning & Burning & Burning

And I’m afraid to part with you…

© A.R. Minhas 2015