Winter Breath

I feel every part of my body                          Diffusible…

And yet I Whisper

Because I don’t know how to scream

& I feel the Earth recoil              from me


As my     encrypted soul traverses, these silicon grids   Spreading Mischief

Waving its Untethered genitals           Into the Faces

Of Pixels

I                       Whisper                        To        Spread              Doubt              In                     Everything….

& Everything    Lost                             Its Meaning



In Obsidian …                                                  Our own         Immortal Cry



Warmth of…                                        Unrequited Erections     &     Inexplicable Echoes

Pneumatic tubes

Writhing                  Rebirth

In Its Pangs of

Nicotine studded teeth                                                   Does it matter now that the Freon gas has fled?

Embellished Carbonic Acid

Unhinge a smile                                                                        Winter has blessed us with

Iced Quivering

& Moth Carousels

Use our bones

Whisper from them,

Shiver like Ghosts.


© A.R. Minhas 2016


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