Blue Rays

I take her name as I stick needles in my eyes,

Because I see her picture in high-definition–

When I’m in pain.

I see her more clearly in bloody darkness

When the pineal gland is flooded…

And pupils dilate into the center of the universe,

Trepanning is a good trip

Now I can experience her forever and feel nothing.

I have recorded her every effect on my senses

Her footsteps are substituted by:

The insertion of centipedes—

Crawling, beating, puncturing and tearing through ear drums.

The tinnitus shall be the rhythm of a bursting heart,

The clashing of a soul,

The surround sound of apathy,

And the ground is littered with the stench

Of sawdust and burning rubber,

She is coming closer now, I can feel it.

I take the burning amps and place them underneath my tongue.

Short-circuited palates never overcook love,

But the mouth should never be opened

Carbon Monoxide kills silently through satellite feedback,

But then I imagine she touches me,

Creating new chemicals on my skin,

She scratches the surface, with her fragments

But this body has become too numb to exist in anymore,

I build a home theater system

I travel out of this body

I am now picture-in-picture and the thing that was me is just a pin-cushion,

A world of unbelievable torment—

A dead pixel for unrequited love.


© A.R. Minhas 2016


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