By: A.R. Minhas

There is something…                  Lost

And Our Earth

Within Us Within You               Our Body Your Body

Kaash-ma-kaash!                                                                 My Body…

And in you And in me                                       Feels a glare

And me in you in me                                         Departing

There’s a light!

And you are                                          A vein…

Waves                                                                           Unsustainable

The warmth of the wombs                                                        And all of them

Eyes narrow                  Jail Cells                                                                        Cruel & Unconcerned

Flickering     Embryos                                   Sway

Morsels of reflections


You give me


But ours

Is an Incandescent Light                                    Future Selves

Burning & Burning & Burning

And I’m afraid to part with you…

© A.R. Minhas 2015


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