You Are Sitting Beside My Bed, And I’m Not Afraid Of Death Anymore.

Inspired and loosely translated from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Aap Baithe Hain Balin Peh Meri.’


Nightingale Sings (c) 2018

There is no highest peak of love.

Love is a rising wave and not the land you seek.

You’re laughing at my saddness, maybe you really are heartless.

Today, I was laughing at myself, and it meant nothing.

I’m burning my heart to release divine light.

Keep coming and going, why aren’t you visiting often?

I’m drowning in your blue eyes and now my life is complete.

Just for a moment of your time, I made enemies of the living.

A being that doesn’t bow to you isn’t a head.

Don’t they call you a Tyrant?

They say it but not in front of you.

When I’m facing God, every act is worship.

When I’m drinking wine, every drop is the Ocean.

When I’m facing you, my limbs are torn apart, and I’m at peace.

I want shelter in the darkness of your hair. It’s the only darkness that gives me peace.

Your stare will make a Sufi abandon God.

Your stare will make the moon insignificant

Break the mirror, I don’t want you to suffer like Narcissus.

How can death come if I’m fulfilled by you?

You are sitting beside my bed, and I’m not afraid of death anymore.

I accept death but what can I do? My breathe can’t escape.

Such is your power, Such is your grace.

I can sacrifice my heart for you but how will you take care of it?

You’re careless with words, and indifferent to mine.

My cries have melted stones.

But you’ll never warm to me.

The priest pours a drink when the storm approaches.

Look at my empty funeral procession.

And your palanquin is filled with colors and songs.

Everyone becomes sober after a night of drinking.

But whoever drinks the wine from your eyes will stumble forever.

You are sitting beside my death bed, and I’m not afraid of death anymore.

(c) A.R. Minhas 2020


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