The Empress

Mother’s milk was denied.

That’s why I roam around in circles.

That’s why I feel ignored.

Blinded, raging God

That longs to be embraced.

“For too long have tits evaded you”

The-man-who-set-a fire said.

It involves the world.

It involves your impotence.

There is coldness in my eyes that feels unfamiliar but I’ve noticed it before.

Maybe I carry with me the dark seed of cruelty.

There was no love found on this plain of existence.

Only compromise, Only suffering.

And I’m internalizing my suffering.

That’s why I’m in pain all the time.

A blue dream was witnessed when the flecks of a moonbeam pierced through the darkness.

Smoke exposing the frailty of lungs.

There is nothing to think about anymore.

Just create to leave something behind.

(C) A.R. Minhas 2019

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