Secret Revelations

by: A.R. Minhas


Cock’d and crow’d the haunted doorways of rooks,

Throbbing rocks and pebbles fragmented into crystalline dew,


Stewed and brined the blackened fingertips of slippery knives

Cunted all the flowers that blossom and bloom


Sleep now in the womb

percolating with the scented breath of halitosis,

And weep such malignant tears

Like chording inverted crowns

Stolen nightmares strangled by umbilical solitude

Wrapped in strings                                       sheets of muscle parted


Flowing through like torrents of bile and lies and hell,

To be here and never recreate. The cruelty of unloved bodies.

Dancing alone to be caressed by dying embers,

Singed now                                                           a last kiss

a scar

a song

Hummed in Koyals verse

unknown to the birds

Devoured by the crows and birthed by monsters

It regurgitates

giving food to the young.



© A.R. Minhas 2017


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