Twin Peaks, and How To Enjoy It

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Twin Peaks, and How To Enjoy It

Twin Peaks napa


      1. Bill Ectric

        I only saw the first season and maybe a couple of episodes of the second season. I really liked it and am a fan of David Lynch’s movies. The only reason I stopped watching Twin Peaks was due to involvement in other activities that I was involved in. Maybe I should go back and watch it all.

      2. A.R. Minhas

        I would definitely recommend watching the second season, and then the movie ‘Twin Peaks: Fire, walk with me’. The new season is very, very good, but I think what has happened is there is a slight division between ‘ Twin Peaks’ fans and David Lynch fans. However, through some feedback some Twin Peaks fans still have been able to enjoy the show. But if you’re a David Lynch fan you would love it, it’s absolutely must watch if you’re a fan of his work, like me. I might be posting more stuff about Twin Peaks so definitely catch up on it and I appreciate the comment and the follow. And please stay in the loop and ask away anything about TP or anything in general.:)

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