Sometimes, it’s okay to die

It falls to you

That place last night


Remembering a past life

The moment a chemical was released


Nicotine in the air

An Orgasmic coffee

The sip to stay up all night


Ruminating on your shape

The wetness of lips

And a pause of Sativa’s breath


The moon’s fullness desired you

Worshipping the instrument of my birth

      It’s ok to die        now

      It’s ok to die



I can still remember

It’s hard to let go of such thoughts

To be obsessed with your repression


And maybe after my consciousness is gone

Then I will forget

But for now


It’s there

It’s always there

Your face reddened


And your body a map of teeth marks

Triangle etched on beauty spots

Strands of saliva dripping from nipples




       Another cruelty

                            Summer brings a new style of fucking

Throat burns blue smoke


King of ash

Tap the last strain of smolder

Cum with certainty, and transcendence

Recreating myself on your belly button


An eyelash juts out

The thighs offer a refuge from the coldness


And these fingers will make contact

“You’re dripping deep oceans.”


Womb or watery depths

There is no dispersion of oxygen here

And no distraction of life

Just darkness

And whatever it is I am.


© A.R. Minhas 2017


  1. gregoria green

    “You’re dripping deep oceans…” I feel you create such intimacy with the reader through your poetic voice.

    I was recently thinking if orgasms are nothing but little deaths, from which we come back, perhaps unaltered or more humane. Who knows?

    Either way, this is a fantastic poem. I may have died a bit when I read it… I hope it’s ok 🙂

  2. A.R. Minhas

    It moves me a lot that my poetry resonates with you, and I’m able to communicate with you across time and space but also on a personal level. I think that should be the goal of art– just communicating a shared feeling.

    You might be onto something, I think ‘little death’ is a euphemism for orgasms but also if you get gripped by ‘the sublime’. It’s like getting an indescribable feeling from a piece of art, song, movie or a book. I think if you get that it truly changes you.

    Ha-ha, that’s okay by me as long keep on reading my stuff. 🤗

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