A Kiss That Lingers Too Long

Your eyes have beheld me

And I behold you

We are locked in each other’s web of expectations

And now I’m aroused

By the Sun’s brilliant piercing light

And your shadow blinds me

You have eclipsed my every accomplishment

My Hopes

My Fears

                                                                                                My Love


And I cower before you

While my presence is fleeting



                                Down there

                                                In the periphery

Hoping to attach to the blackness of your hair

                                But you are above it all

                Like a golden statue dripping with blood

                                Above it all

                                In a heavenly sphere


And I wait here in hellish cubicles

Recording death and its future states…


And yet I have entertained thoughts

To smother death in its afternoon siestas

And all it would take would be you to validate my




And I’m rebirthed… or resurfaced from the floods

Which consumed me

And now I’m gurgling this song

Maybe it will make sense if you hear it


And if you hear it you can continuously validate it

And perhaps validate me

And validate my words by your lips


Because if you don’t

They will fade away

I’m diminishing

                                And there it goes

                                Just like this present

                                                And another moment


                                     to be forgotten by your lips.


© A.R. Minhas 2017

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