I feel lighter than smoke

I feel lighter than I ever did before

I am floating. Suspended in mid-air.

The smoke clears, and I’m still…


Lighter than air

Untouched by love

Anesthesia of empathy

Do you feel the emptiness flooding?


Red wine unstained

Sweet Tooth clatters

Veins opened, blood tranquil as whispers

There is no chasm in my spirits

My stomach feels connected to everything

And when I speak

I speak without a stutter and from the heart

Nothing is blasphemous

Nothing is censored


Fingers twirling

I’m lifted from my worries

There isn’t a body here

Only a collection of feelings and intentions

I’m absolutely free here

You left the lipstick marks

On the cigarette ends

This is how I feel

I feel like caressing you

Holding you and transferring my chemicals to you

And you to me

We share the same indescribable feeling

And I’m aware that I’m not here

To fall in love with you

It won’t come later, and it might never be here

But I’m free now

I                                                           have                            let go

Of you.


And I feel lighter than ever before


© A.R. Minhas 2017


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