A stranger bound in roses

She closed her eyes and elicited a special beam of light

That had her admirers transported…

“We love her relativity”

And she our uncompromising…  Passion or promise?

The smile at parties

In waves or particles





A special kind of illicit reaction

That I stood there

Transfixed at the sight of her





Embodied a sacred

Scarred Intoxication


Lost or Lust?

So they cried

But there was a divine sense of finding and if we became truly lost

Then end of knowing existence

If we find what is lost

What hope we have for existence?

Become lost and find yourself continuously


“I’ve found ways to smoothen death in its afternoon siestas”

Flowering out of navels

Stagnation is boredom

Stagnation is death


So far all the colors point to this

My ink has run out…

The height of her lime green eyes

Are      Insurmountable

I’m not blinded by you

And you see me in contentment


And the waves come crashing

My white caps encompass your body

We foam like rabid animals

Coming for you        But      Unafraid to deny

That these words haven’t doomed me

….your eyes have



© A.R. Minhas 2017

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