The Locust Universe


I have come to the realization

And I look down on you


(Cosmos on my tongue)

Sitting underneath that tree

The black void behind me


This wasn’t meant for you

I’m not meant for you

And I’m like the universe

Indifferent and lifeless

Spiralling, I see every path leading to you


Stranded, the gaze follows you

My voice is held, and it screams

“I’m not it.”


It’s someone else’s voice

The actions of someone else

You are a stranger

Trapped in a room between insignificant



That paralyzes you white

And makes you into that special shade of purple…


That’s how it gets you

And that is why I’m calm

I see locust eat the grains

I observe them with indifference

I’m not to be noticed

I’m not to be disturbed


I’m only here to observe

The Chaos.


© A.R. Minhas 2017

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