Its Love


It just wants its Love

Going Deeper

Into the Ether

I just want to know

If you know?


It wants its Love

It wants Its Love

It craves its scent


The perfume

In that swirl

Of an afternoon glow


The elevator lifts behind you

I just want its love


This love it craves

It craves its love

It craves its love


Holding on to deeper thoughts


It wants its scent

It just wants its love

Holding on to something


Its Love it wants


It craves its love


Over here



Holding on to something




Over here



And over there

And over that


I want you to know this

Because it’s not hard to know

That it wants its love

It craves its love

It describes its love



Unfettered lightness


With Love it craves

And without it

It is ignorant

It is lame


It is filled with Novocain



Nothing to feed

Only your mouth

My red darling


Going through the motions

Over that path

Underneath your thighs



The scent

What does it bleed like?


“The scent of a broken bottle”

I made you come

And I made you come

Its love made you come



It wants its love

So desperately


That it will do anything


For its love.


© A.R. Minhas 2016



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