The room is too small to scream in

I had higher hopes of what I will become

And it’s more clear

That I’m apathetic

The stranger who hides beyond the crevice in the wall

Holding onto thoughts

Building slightly cramped rooms

The spine adjusts to its mortal coil

It recoils again and it finds a narrow source of light

That light is mine

Mine to hold

Mine to sliver

Mine to behold

And If you know what’s good for you

You’ll stay away from me

You’ll stay away from that crevice in the wall

From that eye that stares at you

That spiritual center

That spiritual lie

That feeling that was created by


Shot through the eye

Demonstrate it

Behold it

Unfold the mattress

The filter needs to be cleaned

It needs to be cleaned

Because that’s why we breathe this air

That’s why we hold onto this

That’s why we dream of better things

I don’t want to tell you that you’ll not get anything

Maybe you will

Maybe you won’t

Maybe it’s all chance

Maybe the growl

Maybe the tick-tock of that clock that never stops ticking

Going time

Going time

It’s about to go

Time for you to go

And now time for me to hold onto this

Whatever this is

The changing mold of water

In your palms

That perfume still lingers

In that elevator

That elevator that goes up

And Descends into Chaos

Release me to mortal coils

Release me to elevators

Release me to that office smell

The smell of kindergarten oppression

The smell of yellow nothingness


In the hospital room

That is always there

In the hospital room

You’re born into it

And you’ll Die from it

And it’s stale


Inhuman attitudes

That’s what gets you

I wanted to scream a little

But the room is too small to scream in

The room is too small to scream in

I can’t even sit right anymore

My spine tingles at the mortal coil

My spine tingles at the mortal coil

My spine is gone

I hold onto whatever this is left with

I hold onto whatever I’m left with

I’m praying

Put in Electrodes

Chemically infused

Behaviourally trained

Metaphysically castrated

Into a zombie-like stupor

I hold onto this

The elevator that descends into chaos

Maybe it will provide

That ting of doors opening to that reality

Maybe I’m dreaming

My spine tingles

We’re all born to disinfectant

And you’ll all be gaping at the life that you thought would be

And it never was

And my spine still tingles

From sitting too long in offices that smell like cramped


Hospital rooms

Rooms and rooms

Going round and around

To that same…

To that same

Fucking place

We will all end up in

That same

Fucking place

You to will end up

At that same

Fucking space

No matter how many times you try to escape it

The room is too small to scream in.


© A.R. Minhas 2016


    1. A.R. Minhas

      Hi Tmez, thank you so much for your comment. I don’t know why that happened, also your comment somehow ended up in my spam folder. Antway, I really appreciate that and I’m glad that you found the intensity I was going for, hope to hear from you more now that you’re not in my spam folder anymore….:)

      1. tmezpoetry

        A.R, I get that too, comment in spam folder which I find a month or so later lol. WP has so many issues but yes, hopefully, I can keep track here with you 🙂

    1. A.R. Minhas

      Haha thank you so much for that. It really means a lot to me that you found it unique. I think you’re work is amazing too, your words are beautifully crafted and they really spoke to me… so you have an avid follower as well! 😃

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