In Strange Places

This loneliness is briefly comfortable

Disrupted by the outside voices

Coolness offered by steering wheels

Holding on to tongue burns

And aching for one last rendezvous

The weightlessness provides brief comfort

Because I smoke too fast

Blistering headlights

“I think of you in those dreaded  lonely drives”

When the grip on reality slips

I see you in those scattered leaves

I see you without your clothes

For a moment

A blue spirit

Spreads across the mossy corners of Earth

I’m connected with you in thoughts

And maybe you are thinking of me

In the briefest of moments

I hesitate to touch the curves

You sit in stoic nakedness

Vapours of a smile


Between the clouds of ectoplasm

I press against you

To feel the slightest of movements

The awkward migrant

Lingering between platforms of love

Cigarette stubs beneath your heels

Stains of lipstick or the blood of your lungs

I flick my unhealthiest habits


only the stutter of a memory

Unfettered attraction

I find you in all the unexpected places

Half remembered

Always the way I want you

Always in dreams

Those half baked fantasies



talk just like the way they do in reenactments ”

The scene of the crime or its movie

I always remember you in that way

And you always show up

When I don’t remember you

And always in strange places.

© A.R. Minhas 2016


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