In our own self

A Schism                                                                                  Flight

Of A Parting

Our Earthly Domain…

Overflowing Hymens                            Scarlet Partitions

Curlicues of hair

Cartilages elongate and curve                              Upon

Sigils of Dynamic Twilight                      Blowing the Aerosol

Afternoons of portentous ice                 Looping threads


Of blackened forelocks                          Ashened

Ejaculation of viscous Orange

 Drift in, Glaze over

Carapace of hardened

Shallow blue &                                                              Youthful Longings

Irises of Almond ponds                                                Paddling with knotted feet

Air hands,                                                     Charged                                                                                                       Ovular lineage                                follicles                                     &                            Highway of beauty spots…

Electrocuted by wavy manes…                                                                                                               Thick separation of brows

Stranded Spirits                                     Angelic kissing

rusted scabs left behind on Tanned skin                         Bushels of Endocrine, Moused hearts smothering

Ambergris Flower whirling with

Jasmines                                               Eternal fragrance of this

Cosmic expanse                                    Partial suffering, melody of wrists

You appear


Our Nubile Goddess!

© A.R. Minhas 2016


      1. A.R. Minhas

        Thank you so much for your comments, Roger. It really encourages me to go deeper into the well and dig up more treasures. I really appreciate it.

      2. rogermoorepoet

        Working alone can be so difficult. It is good to know that others have been there before you. Have you “seen” Octavio Paz’s Blanco? Well worth a look. Best wishes,

      3. A.R. Minhas

        It can be but you know ever since I’ve found this community, I’ve felt really welcomed. I’ll definitely check him out, I’ve really admired Rimbaud though who has really inspired me to write poetry. Definetly would love to get more recommendations from you. 🙂

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