The Fragrance Left On My Pillow

At night you remembered something

In the morning you hummed the sweetest ghazals

“It’s the sun playing hide-and-seek again” you told  the fog on the horizon

And your eyes revealed a face

And you touched mine…

 toes obliging

Our tongues expectorated secrets

The ones we had forgotten to say to ourselves

We became one in that confession room

And it is blessed again…

And your red perfume still lingers

Haunting the niches of my pillow

Prickle me my love

and navigate through these hopeless mazes

The nostrils can breathe easy now

Your scent rescues us from the cold!


© A.R. Minhas 2016



    1. A.R. Minhas

      Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, I’m completely into that aesthetic, and you totally got what I’m going for with this blog. I also wanted to thank you for following me and I’d love to hear your feedback so please keep it coming!

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