Lost Sight


It’s a parade of defeats!

“I welcome you to this.”

A disheartening affair

The amount I will sink to


How many depths are left?

“I haven’t answered any questions.”

But I will leave you with this sweet fruit…

Let the red juices swirl on your lips


Meet me at the planetarium…


Stars separated in their burning

By a black mass

A whorl on your thumb

Press it firmly on your eyes


The soreness is illusory

This kiss is not

And certainly not your scent


I have lost sight of my obsession

Maybe when you had enough…


A darkness that can be heard

Gurgling to be spat out

The stars are so far away from each other

And only the aching darkness gives them company.


© A.R. Minhas 2017


  1. Em

    Wonderful visuals! And I actually acted out the thumb on the eye thing and did you know it’s not that easy unless you go for the opposite eye? 😉 Fascinating discovery.

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