The coolness of being indifferent

It becomes clear to me that

Your coldness has crept into my



In your ever present silence

I’m lost

Or I have lost

The wonder…


And I wonder if I’m wrong?

I wonder if I’m wrong all the time

It gets tiring if I feel I’m wrong all the time


Is it the thought that

I’m separated from

Nature that binds me?


The eyes, The magnificent eyes

Hold my stare

It holds me to the point that I no longer exist




I’m dissolving…                                 Action at a distance

The stare from a distance

Your coldness from a distance



The Great Indifference                       All passions spent

Transactioned blood

And Monied Kisses



I always wanted to keep you with me

Like a Broken Toy

It’s the plastic that disappoints me

The synthetic nature of love


“I’m infected with the chemicals in the room!”


In your body what you call a soul

The hollowness of nature

And it’s utter indifference.


© A.R. Minhas 2017




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