…I am whatever you left with me.

Passing on glass fields,

Memories of a past life



And then buried

                                                                              In two coats of repressed paints


A                computerized                   voice                                           calls out to the sea


Serpentine crates

With girders like large faces



In utter disregard of what is said

“Do you know how far the willows will droop on pavements previously traveled?”


Neither do I and that is                                                          why I ask questions


                                                  Nostalgia             will be the death of us all!

Remembering what it means to be alive…helps



Sometimes, not all the time though


Simple truths          can’t lie

When faced with adversity

I turn the other                                          cheek


Insurmountable hips

My indifference                                                is like the rising water


It envelopes and soothes the fishy part of myself


Do you feel the vein?

A needle helps me eliminate all pretense of feeling


So this bulbous feeling                               can’t take an inch from me



Predisposed to….

Of whatever I’m used to

And whatever you will provide


Nerve endings sever flighty half-measure


You’re Quarter Drawn


And pavements are spilled with amorphous shapes


The city is like a never ending shape

And I’m it’s homeless

And I’ll wear your pink pants                                        stained with self-consciousness
And I’ll take your pixelated image

But I won’t swirl in its composition


Let the fat warm you, gristle of blankets

And you drink your lemoned iced tea
And I’ll be at your curved thighs

Waiting for whatever is left



…I am whatever you left with me.


© A.R. Minhas 2016


  1. Izrael

    First of all, thank you for following my blog. Hope that you will like some of the posts I have written.

    The pain and suffering that one feels from a heart break is immense. It is too difficult to move on at times especially of how it ended. The wish of wanting to start over and repair the broken glass seemed impossible. Love the poem and much love ❤

    1. A.R. Minhas

      Thank you for that comment and also for following my blog. I really appreciate the support.
      I don’t know if this poem came from a place of heartbreak but more from how every person you become entangled with leaves a piece of themselves on you. But I do love your interpretations…keep them coming! 😃

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