Even the static moves.

It’s                                           Too


To                                            Be                                Standing

Close                                       To


And                                         Now                            I’m Leaving

I                                               Won’t                          Be Coming

Back                                        Ever                             Again

But                                          You                             Are

More                                        Than                            Welcome

To                                            Appear                                    In

My                               Dreams

Every                                                                           Now

And                                         Again

Don’t                                       Torture                                    Me

Though                                    It                                 Hurts

To                                            See                              Your

Face                                         Pixelated

And                                         Smiling                        Like

That                             Time

In                                             December                    And

I                                   Made

You                             Cry

Like                                         Electricity                   Voltage

Differences                             And                             They

Will                                         Be Our                       Farewell

Do                                                                               Buzz

Me                                           Now                            And

Again                                      Though                        I

Like                                         To                                See

You                             Every

Now                                        And



© A.R. Minhas 2016



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