If Time Was Real

Naked grapes

The soapy skin

Unfurl your wings.

Your milk-white nudity.

A terrible angel visits us

In that darkest of darks

Where pixels get lost.

“A gentle soul dreams of becoming something.”

Heart flow stops.

It’s the chemicals

It’s the Dopamine verse.

My head tingling with small sensations.

I imagine a centipede entering my body

But that centipede was me all along.

Save you from over used lines.

In other words the world becomes me.

Cigarette butts litter

The rats are taking over.

Soon the lizard brain will take over.

Then there is no hope

And even time will fade.

If any of this was a dream

And I don’t know what is worse.

And then a butterfly appears

Lost in it’s journey to become something.

(c) A.R. Minhas 2020

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