Summer Night.

The body

A body painted in scars

Struck by lightning

Milk smoothes your kiss

Wild dogs in heat aware of urine

In heat and passion and love

An orgy of scents

A Dark Summer night

It’s the sweat that binds us

I have an alchemical need for you

I promise this is my last cigarette.

(c) A.R. Minhas 2020


      1. gregoria green

        Oh, so have I. And I have no wish to go back to how things were. Although people here seem to have carried on as if nothing happened. What about there? What’s the mood like?

      2. A.R. Minhas

        There has been a recent spike in the last couple of days. I’ve met couple of my friends but we try to meet outdoors, and maintain social distance. But over here businesses are starting to open up again. It still doesn’t feel normal though πŸ˜”

      3. gregoria green

        It’s good that you’re still cautious when meeting friends. In my country, things have gotten out of control as there’s been a huge spike, but the authorities are not really taking any action. And paradoxically, people are more and more relaxed and not respecting the minimum safety measures. It’s disgusting really.

      4. A.R. Minhas

        That sounds terrible. I don’t understand why people don’t take it seriously. Please stay safe. There has been a recent uptick in the last couple of days too.

      5. A.R. Minhas

        I’m really sorry to hear that. I honestly don’t understand people who don’t take this seriously. Please, stay safe. By the way, there has been an uptick in cases here too so I’m going to be more cautious as well. Anyway, changing the subject slightly, I wanted to ask if you’ve been reading anything lately? Love to hear any book recommendations to keep me distracted from the imminent doom that’s coming.πŸ™‚

      6. gregoria green

        I don’t get it either, as much as I try. I will stay safe, thank you. And I hope you will too, especially since things are escalating there as well.

        Haha! Oh, wow. I have no idea what to recommend, haven’t read much fiction lately, to be honest. I would recommend The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks (a recommendation from a friend), Brave New World maybe? It depends on what genre you would like to read these days. But something dystopian might work just perfectly.

      7. A.R. Minhas

        Yeah, I have to be careful as well. It’s been a crazy year. I’m just hoping to get through this somehow. I’ve read The Wasp Factory and Brave New World is on my list. I’m currently reading ‘The Conquest of Bread’ by Peter Kropotkin it’s a really interesting read.

      8. gregoria green

        Yes, fingers crossed we get through this. I’m glad Brave New World’s on the list already. So I haven’t been very helpful. I will add The Conquest of Bread on my list then, thank you! πŸ™‚

      9. A.R. Minhas

        Yes, we’ll get through this. Aw don’t say that, thank you for reminding me I’ve been meaning to read it for the longest time. I’m almost about to finish ‘Conquest of Bread’ and it’s about anarcho-communism, its really interesting. Let me know your thoughts once you read it. πŸ™‚

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