These are the four books that I’m reading right now. I’m sharing the links in case you would like to purchase any of the books. If you use the links it will help me greatly. Thank you!

  1. Manufacturing Consent,” Noam Chomsky & Edward S.Herman.
  2. Notes Of A Crocodile,” Qui Miaojin.
  3. “Star,” Yukio Mishima.
  4. Mystical Greenwood,” Andrew McDowell.

Please share your current reading list as well. Thank you!



  1. Andrew McDowell

    I hope you enjoy my book! Thank you!

    I’m currently reading Bullet in the Chamber, the fourth book in the Lark Chadwick series by John DeDakis (the first three are titled Fast Track, Bluff, and Troubled Water; there’s also a fifth book titled Fake).

  2. A.R. Minhas

    You’re welcome, Andrew. I’ve read a couple of chapters and so far I’ve liked what I’ve read. I’ll try finishing it soon.
    I’m not too familiar with that series but let me know how it was, and if you would recommend it. 🙂

      1. Marts

        I’m currently following some downloaded lectures on the history of philosophy, so I’m familiarising myself with writings from various philosophers. I haven’t found my particular niche in the field as yet. I do appreciate these dialogues with Socrates though and his dialectic methods of attaining knowledge… My random lecture notes are here, though I think you have visited already,

      2. A.R. Minhas

        I’m gonna take a look at your notes for sure. I’ve become more interested in philosophy as well. I agree that the Socratic method is one of the most important development in critical thinking. It’s so interesting that we can get to our motivations just by constantly questioning. I guess Plato pretty much told us everything about Socrates. But I’ll put the ‘The republic’ on my book list. I do have to admit that my knowledge is more second hand and getting a primary source will be much better. Thank you for sharing.

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