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Novel: “Confessions of an Abortion Addict” – First Draft

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been busy finishing the first draft of my novel, “Confessions of an Abortion Addict”.

I just wanted let you guys know that I haven’t forgotten about you but it’s been a very hard process for me. I’m very close to finishing the first draft and I hope it will be completed before the year ends. I wanted to post this because I wanted some feedback.

I’m wondering about how to actually go about publishing it. I’m leaning towards self-publishing but I’m open to any suggestions. Please, share your thoughts with me. I would really appreciate it, thank you.


      1. Andrew McDowell

        The publisher of my book is called Mockingbird Lane Press, and there are a number of others I’ve heard about including Intrigue Publishing and Mirror World. My best recommendation would be to look around and see which is the best fit for you.

      2. A.R. Minhas

        Perfect! Thank you for letting me know I’ll definitely look into this further. And btw I really appreciate your support for this blog– it really means a lot to me. Thank you once again. 🙂

  1. jyvurentropy

    If you’re just finishing the first draft, then you probably aren’t ready to think about publishing, unless you’ve written a few books already. The first draft always needs extensive revisions. It usually takes me much longer to revise a book than to write a first draft. I can knock out a first draft in three months, but revisions take me YEARS. Idk…maybe that’s a me problem lol

    I’d say query it and see what happens. People say the only real benefit to traditional publishing is the prestige, but idk…I think that’s a heck of a perk. Even if you’re super savvy with marketing and business, having a traditionally-published book on your resume does a lot for your credibility (I’d imagine-none of my stuff has been traditionally-pubbed to my dismay).
    If you decide on self-publishing, I found Lulu MUCH more user friendly than Amazon’s Createspace. Lulu gave me an ISBN number, and if you create the book through Lulu, you can still distribute to all the other retailers. You can still sell through Amazon and B&N and all that.
    My hardcover came out GORGEOUS through Lulu. My goodness the quality is unbelievable. I did a casewrap (I hate book jackets) 6×9.

    1. A.R. Minhas

      Hey, thank you so much for your comments. Yeah, I’m currently having my first draft edited and hopefully, completing it by June/ July. I’m honestly considering the traditional route but I’m afraid they’ll try to control my message.Thank you for sharing info about Lulu, I’ll definitely look into it further. I really appreciate your comments today, and please feel free to share your thoughts in the future. Thank you.

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