Woman In Clouds

She pours the nicotine
on the head

A bed of spirals

Naked feet

strawberries between your toes.

My heart bursts with love

It you could only smoke that tail-pipe.

Exhale a statue of smoke
her breasts are large Filled with unrepentant milk

Her thighs
shut my face between a mask of bronze.

A clay to make her quiver she recovers from the candle-light.

Bottle fly waits for me to
lie down again

The open field
I hear the
sewer grow

The sound of filth accumulating

The name of my love

She swirls in copper rounds
sounds of carousel

My chest opens like teeth
red trickles on my mouth

“This sugar left
a scar!”

And you stand naked and tall

Star-light trying to reunite with you.

A. R. Minhas (c) 2019


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