It rises and falls

                                           Deathwish spreading

I’m not immune to it

                                               Hard-boiled eggs swallowed

We’ll paint the nails black


“It’s ok if you open your palms.”

Love is immune to it

Cigarette smoke can’t reach you


The yellow gets you

And I understand it

And it completes you


My eyes follow you around

Spread the petulant creams


My fingers taste the blood,

Quivering with an end to it all


Thirst for the taste

Dirty lips

Moisturized with the perfect embalming agent

I know you

My throbbing death wish

You flirt with me and then leave me blue…

Cling on to life

The shaking trigger itching for that

Orgasmic end

Formaldehyde, encase me in eternal sleep


And the smell of ammonia

Running through your thighs

Waking up the dead

I know how you felt



I smell your sweat

            I           swear   you     were    hiding somewhere



And deeper into the recesses of mind

       A natural end

             To an emerging deathwish


Throbbing for life.


© A.R. Minhas


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