Confession Room

“There isn’t anything left to say.”

“You can never talk to me again…”

“Keep your distance, and we will be fine,” “I told you my secrets, and you kissed me while I slept….you ruined what was safe!”

“You violated my trust….I can never trust you again.”

“You are a douchebag,”

“You are not a nice guy….you should move on”,

“Can I gain your trust again, you asked?

“Never, N-E-V-E-R, you are lost in the wilderness again…the one you love hates you…You used the one who confided in you…You can’t cross that line….you can’t just say sorry… it will never be alright…it will always be like this…You have to be at an appropriate distance….Five arms lengths…you sit on the sofa on the far side… don’t sit next to me…”

“Never, N-E-V-E-R”

“….the one you wanted to love hates you…the one you adore deplores you… The one you wrote love poems for, hates you …and now you are more miserable than when you started…perhaps this pain will leave wounds like maps….like labyrinths that can be only traversed”

“You deserve a long, narrow, lonely road”

“You deserve a long, narrow, lonely road… were the only company is the silent night and the nagging voice in the back of your head…Mocking you and telling you that everything is meaningless,” “The guilt like rocks weighing down your stomach… Acid going back up, burning your throat… Because you are lucky to fall in love but not be returned with it… And then there is nothing…she has left the room…and the promise  that was made in the room, was broken by you,”

“This confession box is tainted by it…” “There is no love here–not even the unrequited kind”… “And that is why she will never love you back.”… “And your life is now just as empty as the secrets that are contained within them.”


© A.R. Minhas 2017


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